Introducing Throw-Back Thursday

This will be an event that happens every first Thursday of the month. I will post a review children’s book that I read when I was little. My first one will be this Thursday on the second.


#8 Blood of Olympus

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I have been writing about this series for the past 3 blog posts. So as you know they are all written by Rick Riordan, who also wrote the Kane Chronicles, the next series, and the Magnus Chase series which I have been told are very good. This book was written in 2013. As I wrote earlier, he wants us to believe that there are things around us that we just can’t see. (I have said this in review #4).

For a description of the characters you should read review 6

Here, the demigods don’t seem to be making much headway with their quest. Nico, Reyna, and Coach Hedge may seem to have it easy, but a mysterious hunter may try to interfere, kill them, and take the Athena Parthenon. As they near the Country of Greece they must fight more enemies than they ever have before. When they reach Greece, they must fight all of the giants without spilling a drop of blood from both a male and a female demigod. The demigods are in a sad mood, though, because they know one of them must die to stop Gaea from rising from the earth and destroying them all.  There is a way, though, for the person who has to survive – it is a vial of liquid called the Physiologist Cure. When created by a God it will bring back the dead.

I don’t want to spoil the book, but it was very emotional when the person died.

This book was a nonstop action book it had a satisfying ending. I feel like the books are getting progressively better as the series went along. Even if it ended with a little bit of intrigue which guaranteed a new series or book.

#7 House of Hades

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I have been writing about this series for the past 3 blog posts. So as you know they are all written by Rick Riordan, who also wrote the Kane Chronicles, the next book in this series and, the Magnus Chase series which I have been told are very good. This book was written in 2013. As I have said in  review #4 he wants us to believe that there are things around us that we just can’t see.

For a quick review of the characters read review 6 it should be in the second paragraph

When we last left off the demigods where in Greece where they found the Athena Parthenon, but in getting it they lost two very valuable members, Annabeth and Percy. The Demigods may think they have it hard but, Annabeth and Percy are in Tartarus, the worst part of the underworld. As they slowly make their way towards the doors of death their only way of escape from the underworld. The Demigods in Greece decide to send Nico who can shadow warp, Reyna (A praetor of new Rome on the west coast), And Coach Hedge (A sayter who has a pregnant wife back at camp half blood where Nico must shadow warp to). They will all be setting out on this extremely dangerous quest to save not only themselves but the entire world.

I Thought that this book was okay their were a lot of sad and mysterious moments but not a lot of action moment that kept me on me on the edge my seat. I think it should be recommended for all mystery loving people.

# 6 Mark of Athena

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This book was written in 2012 by Rick Riordan. As I said I said in review #4 he has written the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books. As I recently learned, he also is writing the Kane chronicles. His books are written in present day. He wants people to believe that there are special things all around us that we don’t see.

There are several main characters. Percy, of course, is a demigod, a son of the Greek god, Poseidon. Leo is a son of Hephaestus, he has amazing control of fire. He is a goofball, too, and a major class clown. Hazel is a son of Pluto. She has come back to life to make amends with her past. Also to see if she can have a happy second life. Jason is a son of Jupiter. He is a born leader and is extremely brave. Annabeth is a Daughter of Athena. She is extremely smart. She will have to learn to work alone if she wants to survive. Piper is sweet. She doesn’t think that she has much potential, because she believes she can’t do anything. Frank’s life is tied to a piece of wood. He feels uncomfortable in his own body, but he also has amazing powers that allow him to turn into animals. These seven demigods will have to work together to survive the oncoming threat of the earth Goddess Gaia

The story starts up right away. Leo mysteriously fires a weapon upon the Roman city. The seven demigods must flee from the Romans to survive and stop Gaia from rising. As they get closer to Greece (the heart of the Gods) they face immortal humans, monsters, and giants alike. Annabeth has a mysterious coin with the mark of Athena on it which will lead to an important object that will mend the broken relationship between both Greek and Roman demigods.

I loved this book. It was a thriller from the start. The end was probably the best part in all of it. There was adventure at every turn, even when it was confusing. I would recommend this book to 10 years and up .

#5: The Son of Neptune


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This book was written by Rick Riordan in 2011. As I said in review #4, he has also written the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books. As I recently learned, he also is writing the Kane chronicles. His books are set in present day and make you believe that there are hidden things in the world that only special people – like Percy – can find. Riordan’s books also relate to famous people, like the Roman emperor Nero.

This book revolves around three demigods. Percy – a child of Neptune (aka Poseidon) – wakes up in the wolf house with no memories except for one name: Annabeth. He learns how to survive there, and then he gets sent out to find the Roman camp hoping that he will recover his missing memories. Hazel – daughter of Pluto – should be dead. She died but got brought back to life by her half brother Nico. She did some pretty bad things when she was alive the first time. She hopes that her new life might be a better one where she can make things right. Frank – son of Mars – is really clumsy. He has been told by all of his family that he has special gifts but he only sees himself as a klutz (especially around Hazel on whom he has a crush).

The story starts with Percy having left the wolf house. When he arrives at Camp Jupiter  he is being followed by two gorgons who can’t be killed. When Hazel and Frank see him fighting the monsters they help him escape into the camp. Later that day, the Roman god Mars send the three demigods on a mission to rescue the god of death, Thanatos, from captivity in Alaska – the land beyond the gods. So long as Thanatos was imprisoned, the dead monsters and humans were unable to go to the underworld or Tartarus. The novel’s plot follows the demigods as they desperately try to free Thanatos before it is to late.

This is great book. I don’t think that Riordan could have done better even if he had tried. This book had enough intrigue without wondering what was going on with Leo, Piper, and Jason, characters from the first book who will make another appearance in the next book in the  series. The Son of Neptune may be a big book, but if you are up to the challenge you won’t be let down.


#4: The Lost Hero

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This book was published by Rick Riordan in 2010. He has also written the Percy Jackson series and the other heroes of Olympus books, and he has written a lot of fantasy fiction focused on Greek and Roman mythology. His works are usually set in the present day, and – like the world of Harry Potter – Riordan wants his readers to believe that magical things are hidden right in front of us.

The Lost Hero begins with a boy named Jason waking up in a bus full of kids he doesn’t know. He doesn’t really have any memories, and doesn’t know that he is really the son of Jupiter. In school and with amnesia, he learns about his so-called girlfriend named Piper. Piper doesn’t know it yet either, but she is a demigod, too. Her mother, it turns out, is Aphrodite. What she does know is that her father – a famous actor – is in trouble. Leo, Jason’s best friend, is always running. He is a serious tinkerer who has amazing control of fire, and we soon learn that his father is Hephastus. In a twist, these three demigods – Jason, Piper, and Leo – will fight wind spirits,  Medea, Aeolus the wind god, and giants, all to save a Goddess nobody likes: Hera.

The book is written, in short, a lot like a classic Greek tale, with a company of heroes overcoming one challenge after another in each chapter. The major difference is that these are set in the present and feature young people.

I thought that this book was great, but it could have had a little more intrigue. It was a little predictable. As a 12 year old boy, I think it is a good read for for any age. It is a long book, but I think that if you have the time to read it slowly you will really enjoy the experience.


#3: The Bronze Bow


The Bronze Bow is an excellent book about a young Jewish boy named Daniel who, at the age of 13, flees his hometown and his family because he is being whipped at his master’s smithy. Leaving behind his very shy sister, Leah, Daniel grows up to be a warrior. He lives up on the mountain with a group of bandits who will eventually fight against the whole Roman army, which occupies Palestine. The Jewish warriors are led by the daring man named Rosh the Outlaw who believes that in time he and his army can defeat the Romans after his training.  Daniel starts his own family, too, and eventually leaves the mountain to care for his family and follow Rosh’s commands. Along the way, Daniel learns the meaning of family and friendship, discovers the burdens of leadership, and learns to repay love with love and not with hate.

Daniel starts out meeting a young adventurous boy, Joel, and his sister, Thacia. They are from his home town and want to talk to him about his life on the mountain. Joel is willing to help the cause that Daniel believes in and helps Daniel on a raid where they rescue a big brute named Samson, who is deaf. Simon, the blacksmith, of the town that Daniel lived in asks Daniel to come home to see his family and to meet a Jewish man named Jesus and go to synagogue and act like a Jew for one day. Later, Daniel’s Grandmother passes away and Daniel must work for Rosh and must make some friends in his town. Also, Joel takes Daniel to see Jesus, and when Daniel sees Jesus he thinks that if this man were to work together with Rosh they might be able to overthrow the Romans. However, Simon tells him there’s no chance that Jesus will fight, because he is a man of peace. Joel becomes best friends with Daniel and they visit each other, which allows Leah to meet Thacia. Daniel finds himself in a place where his life is going great.

As life goes on, Daniel barely ever sees Rosh and he starts becoming a leader. He creates a sort of private club for followers of Rosh. This group grows to nineteen people. At first all the meetings were held at Daniel’s house, until a Roman soldier shows up a little too consistently and the club members believe they are being followed. Then it happens: Joel is captured by the Romans. Daniel goes to Rosh to plead for help, but Rosh will no longer help them. This is when Daniel finally sees Rosh’s true colors. Rosh really only wants the loot and glory for himself. Daniel and his group must try to save Joel without Rosh’s help, but in the attempt one of their members (Nathan) dies. Joel also loses a friend, Sampson. Conflicts between Romans and Jews happen all the time. Later in the book, Leah has fruit for dinner, and when Daniel finds out that Leah gets it from a Roman soldier he freaks out and makes Leah go back into her shell becomes really shy again. She gets extremely sick because she will not eat and won’t sleep, so Daniel send a message to Thacia who comes to the house but she doesn’t come alone; she brings Jesus with her. Jesus heals Leah, and Daniel finally learns how to repay Samson’s death with love. He does this by letting the Roman soldier who has befriended his sister come in to see her.  He has come to see that peace, not violence, is a better solution, thanks to Thacia.

This book was good for many reasons.  The book’s portrayal of the early life of Daniel  allows the reader to try and understand his backstory. Also there was enough drama to make it almost as if you were feeling the emotions with the character and not just reading the book. It was neat to see Daniel make a mini bronze bow and give it to Thacia, because the whole title of the story was leading up to that moment. It was sad when Samson got killed by the spear, because he was a very interesting and important character in the book.  Even the title was very intriguing: it shaped the whole story not just some brief moment that wasn’t super important. Also   there were other sections of the book that were very emotional, like when his sister closed up again, and when Daniel kind of went berserk, and when Jesus fixed it. It also made me think about the use of violence to solve problems. Because of these things this book would be a good book to share.

First century Palestine was interesting.. People lived up in the mountains mining, and down the valley fishing, or even on boats trading. Some lived at home in a nice quiet village doing their job fast and well, but the largest groups of them lived in bustling towns with huge synagogues and large markets. In these bigger places, people took up the word of the Gospel. The people of Palestine were generally happy people though they also knew that you needed to work hard to survive. The most important fact about their society was probably the absolute power of the Romans, who were very oppressive.

Throughout the book, Jesus was an important and controversial character not just because of the way he acted but because of the way people treated him. Some persecuted him because he encouraged people to disobey the law, while others admired him for it. Many Jews would easily go to war for him, while some were willing to betray him for the pay of the Romans. Also the Jews were a very politically weak group of people, so they may have believed that Jesus was some kind of God, and was there to heal them, or they may have feared his power. That was how Jesus was treated during first century Palestine and also the way he acted: as a healer and a controversial figure, as someone to adore and fear.