#4: The Lost Hero

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This book was published by Rick Riordan in 2010. He has also written the Percy Jackson series and the other heroes of Olympus books, and he has written a lot of fantasy fiction focused on Greek and Roman mythology. His works are usually set in the present day, and – like the world of Harry Potter – Riordan wants his readers to believe that magical things are hidden right in front of us.

The Lost Hero begins with a boy named Jason waking up in a bus full of kids he doesn’t know. He doesn’t really have any memories, and doesn’t know that he is really the son of Jupiter. In school and with amnesia, he learns about his so-called girlfriend named Piper. Piper doesn’t know it yet either, but she is a demigod, too. Her mother, it turns out, is Aphrodite. What she does know is that her father – a famous actor – is in trouble. Leo, Jason’s best friend, is always running. He is a serious tinkerer who has amazing control of fire, and we soon learn that his father is Hephastus. In a twist, these three demigods – Jason, Piper, and Leo – will fight wind spirits,  Medea, Aeolus the wind god, and giants, all to save a Goddess nobody likes: Hera.

The book is written, in short, a lot like a classic Greek tale, with a company of heroes overcoming one challenge after another in each chapter. The major difference is that these are set in the present and feature young people.

I thought that this book was great, but it could have had a little more intrigue. It was a little predictable. As a 12 year old boy, I think it is a good read for for any age. It is a long book, but I think that if you have the time to read it slowly you will really enjoy the experience.



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