#5: The Son of Neptune


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This book was written by Rick Riordan in 2011. As I said in review #4, he has also written the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books. As I recently learned, he also is writing the Kane chronicles. His books are set in present day and make you believe that there are hidden things in the world that only special people – like Percy – can find. Riordan’s books also relate to famous people, like the Roman emperor Nero.

This book revolves around three demigods. Percy – a child of Neptune (aka Poseidon) – wakes up in the wolf house with no memories except for one name: Annabeth. He learns how to survive there, and then he gets sent out to find the Roman camp hoping that he will recover his missing memories. Hazel – daughter of Pluto – should be dead. She died but got brought back to life by her half brother Nico. She did some pretty bad things when she was alive the first time. She hopes that her new life might be a better one where she can make things right. Frank – son of Mars – is really clumsy. He has been told by all of his family that he has special gifts but he only sees himself as a klutz (especially around Hazel on whom he has a crush).

The story starts with Percy having left the wolf house. When he arrives at Camp Jupiter  he is being followed by two gorgons who can’t be killed. When Hazel and Frank see him fighting the monsters they help him escape into the camp. Later that day, the Roman god Mars send the three demigods on a mission to rescue the god of death, Thanatos, from captivity in Alaska – the land beyond the gods. So long as Thanatos was imprisoned, the dead monsters and humans were unable to go to the underworld or Tartarus. The novel’s plot follows the demigods as they desperately try to free Thanatos before it is to late.

This is great book. I don’t think that Riordan could have done better even if he had tried. This book had enough intrigue without wondering what was going on with Leo, Piper, and Jason, characters from the first book who will make another appearance in the next book in the  series. The Son of Neptune may be a big book, but if you are up to the challenge you won’t be let down.



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