#7 House of Hades

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I have been writing about this series for the past 3 blog posts. So as you know they are all written by Rick Riordan, who also wrote the Kane Chronicles, the next book in this series and, the Magnus Chase series which I have been told are very good. This book was written in 2013. As I have said in  review #4 he wants us to believe that there are things around us that we just can’t see.

For a quick review of the characters read review 6 it should be in the second paragraph

When we last left off the demigods where in Greece where they found the Athena Parthenon, but in getting it they lost two very valuable members, Annabeth and Percy. The Demigods may think they have it hard but, Annabeth and Percy are in Tartarus, the worst part of the underworld. As they slowly make their way towards the doors of death their only way of escape from the underworld. The Demigods in Greece decide to send Nico who can shadow warp, Reyna (A praetor of new Rome on the west coast), And Coach Hedge (A sayter who has a pregnant wife back at camp half blood where Nico must shadow warp to). They will all be setting out on this extremely dangerous quest to save not only themselves but the entire world.

I Thought that this book was okay their were a lot of sad and mysterious moments but not a lot of action moment that kept me on me on the edge my seat. I think it should be recommended for all mystery loving people.


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