Throw-Back Thursday #1 Raising Dragons

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This book was written by Jerdine Nolen, and was illustrated by Elsie Primayera. I am not sure when this book takes place but any time period where they had overalls and no cellphones would be the right time period, I guess.

There are four main characters. One is the girl who doesn’t have a name. She wants to be a dragon trainer, and she knows everything about dragons. Another character is Pa- this is what the girl calls him- he is a farmer and knows how to raise all kinds of things. He is a very disbelieving man and doesn’t want anything to do with dragons. Ma- this is what the girl calls her mom- is basically the same kind of person as Pa. The only difference is that she is female and does all the cooking and clothing. The final character is Hank. He is the green dragon on the cover. He is a fun loving dragon who instantly bonds with with the girl.

At the start of the book the girl works on a farm with Pa and Ma. Then one day she finds an egg-clearly a dragon egg-that her father tells her not to touch. Soon enough the egg hatches and she bonds with the little hatchling, who goes by the name Hank. Even though the girl was attached to Hank, her parents felt otherwise. They didn’t think this was a good idea. But she had experience with raising other animals, and Hank was smarter than any common animal. The only downside was that he was very quickly huge. 

They went through some hard times on the farm. There was a hot spell once. When Hank saved the day, they had enough popcorn to last them a life time. After that Hank had gained the trust of the other members of the girls family. Ma would make him his favorite non red meat dishes, including “Eel Potpies, Frog-leg pudding, and a fish and insect stew that Hank just loved.” They may sound disgusting but they were delicious to Hank. One day the girl was reading a book and she saw a map of a dragon island and she knew what she had to do (with Hank). They flew the island and in the end Hank decided to stay on the island with the dragons. As the girl and Hank, the dragon gave her a gift: more eggs. She knew what she needed to do.

I loved this book, I don’t know why but I just seem drawn to the book. I would recommend this book to any parent who has children with big dreams. I hope anyone who reads this book enjoys it to. I have been reading this book for many years, reading it at least once a year at different intervals.


2 thoughts on “Throw-Back Thursday #1 Raising Dragons

  1. Wonderful review. I enjoyed reading it!
    As for the time period with overalls and no cell phones, you can ask your father. He probably won’t remember wearing overalls, but I can attest that he did. He will surely remember not having a cell phone.

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