Throwback Thursday 2: Time Flies

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This book was written by Eric Rohmann, he has also written Giant Squid and many other books. The first time I read this book I was Extremely young. He seems to prefer writing children’s books over young adult books. Time Flies has received a Caldecott Honor. The story doesn’t appear in any particular time, but I am assuming it was made for the time period it was published which is 1995.

This book has no words, but the pictures are amazing. The story starts out in a lightning storm with a bird headed into a museum. When the bird reaches the museum you see that the museum has a dinosaur exhibit which the bird goes into. As it enters, it perches on the teeth of a T-Rex. The bird starts to move and the exhibit starts to come alive. At first it’s only a couple dinosaurs at a time, but soon the whole room becomes a Jurassic Ara background with tons of dinosaurs. The bird start to swoop and dive around the dinosaurs-flying and on the ground- and appears to suddenly be confronted with a huge dinosaur. It makes the bird flee, but it doesn’t realize that the T-Rex is behind it. As the bird realizes this it has a staring contest with it-this is the cover of the book- before the T-Rex swallows it. At this point the bird seems to have had enough of this fantasy and the T-Rex and the entire museum go back to normal. As the bird flies out there is a stone pterodactyl with real eyes watching it as it leaves the museum.

This book was very interesting considering the fact that it had no words. I would recommend this to any parent with a young child. The creativity in this book was amazing. I still read it every now and then. I always learn something new from it.


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