13: The Hunger Games

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This book was written by Suzanne Collins. She has also written the rest of this series and many other books. This book takes place in dystopian society in the future. All of the rich people are happy, they only achieve this on the backs of a huge amount of people bullied into submission by the capitol. With the start of this book all of the peace the Capitol has put into place will crumble and finally break.

The main characters in this book -cause they do change- Are Peeta, Katniss, and Prim. Prim is Katniss’ sister. She is chosen to go to the games and probably die, I think she is important, because she makes Katniss want to do something with her life (mainly survive to see Prim one more time).  Peeta is a bread maker from district 12- so are Katniss and Prim- who has a crush on Katniss. He is chosen as tribute for the games. At heart he is nice, but one can only be so nice in a poor society like district 12. He once gave Katniss bread because she and her family were starving after her father’s death. Katniss is a head strong girl who can use a bow and arrow. She replaces her sister’s spot in the games to keep her alive. She is also kind of nervous around Peeta because of the whole bread thing.

As Katniss and Peeta head to almost certain doom they train with the only other winner from district 12, Haymitch. When they go into the games Katniss splits away from Peeta only to find that he has decided to work with another group to hunt her down. As the number of contestants starts to dwindle Peeta and katniss work together to survive. As the story goes on Katniss starts to fall for Peeta so that people can send them gifts. She also befriends a girl named Rue who is much younger than her but dies when Rue is ambushed and she gets speared. At the end Peeta is in horrible shape, and they are out of options. As the final confrontation between them and Cato a bulky guy comes to a close they realize that one of them must die to survive. You will need to read the book to see how they get out of this situation.

This book was emotional at the beginning and the end. I wouldn’t recommend this book to any type of person in particular. It was an amazing adventure book. It was all about fighting, surviving, and being able to rely on others.


2 thoughts on “13: The Hunger Games

  1. I’m glad you found some redeeming value to the book. Though I have not read this or any of her series, I usually avoid such dark novels, and I did not like the premise of this one, children fighting to death. It does seem to be very popular, however.


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