#16 The Rose Society

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The Rose Society is written by Marie Lu and published in 2015. The series continues with The Midnight Star. Also, she wrote the Legend series. This book takes place in medieval times, a decade after a great plague swept through the country. People who are infected with the fever are scarred with ugly marks and they are also stronger and possess abilities that don’t belong in this world. During the plague, all the parents who got the fever died, so only the young survive, and they are all marked in this way – with these powers. They will be known as the Young Elites, which is also the title of the first book.

The main characters of this book are Raffaele, Violetta, and Adelina. Raffaele has decided to join forces with the queen of another country to try and take over his home country to stop Teren from destroying all people scared by the fever. When he sides with the queen he learns that she has the power to bring people back from the dead, he intends to use this to bring Enzo back and to add him to their forces. Violetta is the key component in finding a new group of Elites to overthrow the Young Elites. She has the ability to stop other Elites powers, so they can’t use them. Finally we have Adelina. She was once a girl, but has quickly grown into something more, because she has been betrayed by friends, allies, family, even enemies have turned on her. She is now all alone except for her sister, Violetta, who senses a growing darkness in Adelina. These three characters will form the backbone of the entire plot.

At the opening of the book Adelina is searching for more Elites, mainly Magiano, who is said to be the greatest thief in the world. She finds him and has to complete a task to earn his trust. She completes it, but she ends up killing someone – the Moon King, who was one of the most powerful men in the area. She then finds the Rainmaker, who was one of the Elites that the Young Elites took on to make one of their own, but they ended up turning their backs on him. Adelina then learns of Raffaele’s plan to bring Enzo back, she manages to capture Enzo and take down Teren. To learn how she does it, you will have to read this book.

This book was very sad. Adelina loses everyone she loves in the book, and gains new friends and allies. To get this far though she has had to delve deeper into the darkness which come from her illusions. I would recommend this book to any fans of the Hunger Games.


#15 The End of Oz

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This book was written by Danielle Paige. She has written many other books including the rest of the series. This book takes place in Oz, like Dorthy from Kansas Oz. The books that she has written usually start in the human world, but they then go to some other world and save it from some other evil.

I think that there are four main characters, Amy, Nox, Madison, and Dorothy. Amy is other girl from Kansas and has learned how to use and control magic, she does all of this just so she can kill Dorothy. In the book before this one she has a chance to kill Dortohy, but see that there must be some good in her and decides to spare her life only for her to get away and join forces with the Nome King, who wants to steal Dorothy’s red shoes. Nox grew up in Oz and was orphaned in one of Dorothy’s earlier raids when she wasn’t as evil. He then trained under some of the most wicked witches and trained others to combat Dorothy’s forces. More recently he has trained Amy, and they have gone on missions to try and kill Dorothy. At the end of the last book he is taken away with Amy and Madison across the deadly desert. Madison was a bully in the first book who made Amy who she was. The next time we see her she is much nicer and more caring, she gets mixed up in the whole plot when her vice-principal turns into the Nome king and brings her to Oz. Finally we have Dorothy. As we go through the other books we think that she is a crazy self-centered girl who only cares for herself. She has killed to get things that she has wanted, but with this book we see her perspective of her life as she tries to get away from the Nome king, and Amy.

As the story starts Dorothy is in the Nome King’s palace and needs to find away out, but meets a cute munchkin. Amy is in the palace of an old companion of Nox’s and they don’t share the friendliest of relations, but Amy learns that she needs her help so she manages to get it, but forces them to go into hiding from the Nome King. Dorothy learns that the Nome king wants to marry her, but later at a feast her munchkin tells her that the Nome King is actually planning to kill her and take her power. Dorothy decides that she is going to host a costume party for her wedding so that Amy can come and kill the Nome King while she escapes. Amy has feeling this would happen, but by then it’s to late. Your going to have to get the book to know the rest of the story.

I really loved this book, and the rest in its series. I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the hunger games. I would Also recommend it to those who have lost some of the light in their lives. This book showed me how to see the good things in the world no matter how many bad things there are. When they went into hiding they traded stories, which showed the good things in Oz and on Earth, and it is very important to know that no matter how bad it gets it can always get better.

Throw back Thursday #3 Yoko

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This book was written by Rosemary Wells. She has written many other books. Her usual genre is children’s books, and from all the books she has written I imagine she really likes bunnies. At the moment she is 74 and I hope she will write more books.

The main characters in the book are Yoko,- the main character – and timothy (an unlikely friend). Yoko is a grey bunny who really likes sushi. Timothy is a plump raccoon who loves to eat.

As the story starts as Yoko’s mother asks what she wants for lunch. Yoko responds by saying “all my favorite things, please”. Apparently her favorite food is sushi, because her mother makes her all kinds of sushi for lunch. Yoko’s mother then sends her of to school, and they embrace before Yoko leaves to go to school. When Yoko got to school she then said hi to everybody. Then we go to lunch time where Yoko sees what everyone else has, a sandwich or egg salad. As Yoko takes out her lunch everyone sees that she has sushi which they think is really weird apparently to have sushi, and they start to criticize her for it. As the teacher tells everyone to go out to recess she tell Yoko everyone will have forgotten about it. She was wrong. Yoko is mocked for her snack which is red bean ice cream. the teacher figures out a way to get everyone to stop mocking Yoko by holding an International food day where everyone must try one of everything that anyone makes. Yoko’s mom then decides to make a deluxe sushi which she think everyone will love. So on Monday everyone had a bit of everything except for Yoko’s sushi, no one had had any of it. Timothy was still hungry so he decided to have Yoko’s sushi. Yoko then befriends Timothy and they decide to make a restaurant where they sell sushi and other things to eat.

I love this book so much. It showed me how everyone has a friend even if the friendship starts with sushi. I would recommend this book to kids who are being bullied, or people who admire simply friendships.

#14 Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was written by the one and only William Shakespeare, the greatest writer of the 16th century to 17th century. Shakespeare is dead, but the books and plays and poems he wrote live on. The book Julius Ceaser takes place in the 1st century right before and after Ceaser’s death.

The most important characters are Brutus, Cassius, and Antony. Brutus is a very stoic character, in the end. In the beginning, though, he was more of the look-before-you-leap type. Of all of those involved, he was the only one who killed Ceaser for the good of Rome – and not for personal gain. Cassius, on the other hand, was very stoic at the beginning, when he was trying to convince Brutus that with Ceaser as ruler, Rome would surely fall apart. He is a sly and mysterious character, but very loyal to his friends. The last of the group, Antony is a loyal Roman who believes in Caesar. He is also the most powerful person in the Senate. These characters make the plot all that it can be with their fierce loyalty or their horrible betrayals.

As the story begins, Caesar has just become ruler of Rome, and he is deciding who he wants to ally with and who he doesn’t trust. As Cassius convinces Brutus to kill Ceaser Brutus’ wife Portia realizes something is up. When Brutus kills Caesar, he says “Et Tu Brute?,” meaning and “You, too, Brutus?” When Brutus gives a speech at Caesar’s funeral he makes the fatal mistake of allowing Antony to speak as well, and then leaving-the funeral with all his fellow conspirators – to let Antony speak as he pleases. As he does, the people start to want to kill the conspirators, and this turn of events is followed by Antony combining his forces with Octavius Caesar, and Lepidus. While they rally their own army, the conspirators do the same thing, readying themselves for a major battle. This will be a fight of the titans, the conspirators vs. the triumvirate. If I told you the ending it would spoil it so I won’t: buy the play to know the ending.

This play was amazing. I would recommend this to people who love plays, such as people who have been to Broadway and seen a show. I would also recommend this to a historian, I think this would give them insight into what happened in daily life back then. For example people killed their rulers! I learned that we sometimes have to do bad things to get what is best for everyone.