#14 Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was written by the one and only William Shakespeare, the greatest writer of the 16th century to 17th century. Shakespeare is dead, but the books and plays and poems he wrote live on. The book Julius Ceaser takes place in the 1st century right before and after Ceaser’s death.

The most important characters are Brutus, Cassius, and Antony. Brutus is a very stoic character, in the end. In the beginning, though, he was more of the look-before-you-leap type. Of all of those involved, he was the only one who killed Ceaser for the good of Rome – and not for personal gain. Cassius, on the other hand, was very stoic at the beginning, when he was trying to convince Brutus that with Ceaser as ruler, Rome would surely fall apart. He is a sly and mysterious character, but very loyal to his friends. The last of the group, Antony is a loyal Roman who believes in Caesar. He is also the most powerful person in the Senate. These characters make the plot all that it can be with their fierce loyalty or their horrible betrayals.

As the story begins, Caesar has just become ruler of Rome, and he is deciding who he wants to ally with and who he doesn’t trust. As Cassius convinces Brutus to kill Ceaser Brutus’ wife Portia realizes something is up. When Brutus kills Caesar, he says “Et Tu Brute?,” meaning and “You, too, Brutus?” When Brutus gives a speech at Caesar’s funeral he makes the fatal mistake of allowing Antony to speak as well, and then leaving-the funeral with all his fellow conspirators – to let Antony speak as he pleases. As he does, the people start to want to kill the conspirators, and this turn of events is followed by Antony combining his forces with Octavius Caesar, and Lepidus. While they rally their own army, the conspirators do the same thing, readying themselves for a major battle. This will be a fight of the titans, the conspirators vs. the triumvirate. If I told you the ending it would spoil it so I won’t: buy the play to know the ending.

This play was amazing. I would recommend this to people who love plays, such as people who have been to Broadway and seen a show. I would also recommend this to a historian, I think this would give them insight into what happened in daily life back then. For example people killed their rulers! I learned that we sometimes have to do bad things to get what is best for everyone.


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