Throw back Thursday #3 Yoko

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This book was written by Rosemary Wells. She has written many other books. Her usual genre is children’s books, and from all the books she has written I imagine she really likes bunnies. At the moment she is 74 and I hope she will write more books.

The main characters in the book are Yoko,- the main character – and timothy (an unlikely friend). Yoko is a grey bunny who really likes sushi. Timothy is a plump raccoon who loves to eat.

As the story starts as Yoko’s mother asks what she wants for lunch. Yoko responds by saying “all my favorite things, please”. Apparently her favorite food is sushi, because her mother makes her all kinds of sushi for lunch. Yoko’s mother then sends her of to school, and they embrace before Yoko leaves to go to school. When Yoko got to school she then said hi to everybody. Then we go to lunch time where Yoko sees what everyone else has, a sandwich or egg salad. As Yoko takes out her lunch everyone sees that she has sushi which they think is really weird apparently to have sushi, and they start to criticize her for it. As the teacher tells everyone to go out to recess she tell Yoko everyone will have forgotten about it. She was wrong. Yoko is mocked for her snack which is red bean ice cream. the teacher figures out a way to get everyone to stop mocking Yoko by holding an International food day where everyone must try one of everything that anyone makes. Yoko’s mom then decides to make a deluxe sushi which she think everyone will love. So on Monday everyone had a bit of everything except for Yoko’s sushi, no one had had any of it. Timothy was still hungry so he decided to have Yoko’s sushi. Yoko then befriends Timothy and they decide to make a restaurant where they sell sushi and other things to eat.

I love this book so much. It showed me how everyone has a friend even if the friendship starts with sushi. I would recommend this book to kids who are being bullied, or people who admire simply friendships.


2 thoughts on “Throw back Thursday #3 Yoko

  1. This book was one of my favorites to read and the pictures are great! It can be read to younger kids, who can then read it for themselves later on. I’m glad to see it reviewed here.


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