#15 The End of Oz

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This book was written by Danielle Paige. She has written many other books including the rest of the series. This book takes place in Oz, like Dorthy from Kansas Oz. The books that she has written usually start in the human world, but they then go to some other world and save it from some other evil.

I think that there are four main characters, Amy, Nox, Madison, and Dorothy. Amy is other girl from Kansas and has learned how to use and control magic, she does all of this just so she can kill Dorothy. In the book before this one she has a chance to kill Dortohy, but see that there must be some good in her and decides to spare her life only for her to get away and join forces with the Nome King, who wants to steal Dorothy’s red shoes. Nox grew up in Oz and was orphaned in one of Dorothy’s earlier raids when she wasn’t as evil. He then trained under some of the most wicked witches and trained others to combat Dorothy’s forces. More recently he has trained Amy, and they have gone on missions to try and kill Dorothy. At the end of the last book he is taken away with Amy and Madison across the deadly desert. Madison was a bully in the first book who made Amy who she was. The next time we see her she is much nicer and more caring, she gets mixed up in the whole plot when her vice-principal turns into the Nome king and brings her to Oz. Finally we have Dorothy. As we go through the other books we think that she is a crazy self-centered girl who only cares for herself. She has killed to get things that she has wanted, but with this book we see her perspective of her life as she tries to get away from the Nome king, and Amy.

As the story starts Dorothy is in the Nome King’s palace and needs to find away out, but meets a cute munchkin. Amy is in the palace of an old companion of Nox’s and they don’t share the friendliest of relations, but Amy learns that she needs her help so she manages to get it, but forces them to go into hiding from the Nome King. Dorothy learns that the Nome king wants to marry her, but later at a feast her munchkin tells her that the Nome King is actually planning to kill her and take her power. Dorothy decides that she is going to host a costume party for her wedding so that Amy can come and kill the Nome King while she escapes. Amy has feeling this would happen, but by then it’s to late. Your going to have to get the book to know the rest of the story.

I really loved this book, and the rest in its series. I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the hunger games. I would Also recommend it to those who have lost some of the light in their lives. This book showed me how to see the good things in the world no matter how many bad things there are. When they went into hiding they traded stories, which showed the good things in Oz and on Earth, and it is very important to know that no matter how bad it gets it can always get better.


1 thought on “#15 The End of Oz

  1. I read most of the original Oz books by L. Frank Baum and loved them. The scariest creatures were the winged monkeys, or maybe the wicked witch. This series actually sounds much scarier. Have you read the Baum Oz books?


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