Throw back Thursday #4 A Children’s garden of Verses

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This book was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, and was illustrated, by Barbara McClintock. Robert Louis Stevenson, has written many other books, Barbara McClintock has also illustrated many other books. This book is about the adventures of childhood, and I grew up with my parents reading it to me.

There is no substantial plot or major characters. there are three favorite poems which I liked the most. The first one is called “My Shadow”, it is about a boy who believes that his shadow is a person. He calls it odd, because of its height, he also calls him cowardly, because he is always just behind the boy. Another one is called, “The Moon”. It is about all the things that are shined on by the moon. My favorite one is “The Swing”. It is about all of the things someone can see in one swing, from the garden in front of you to the hills over the fence, and the rivers that go swiftly along.

My mom grew up reading these poems, and so this is like passing it along to us. I would recommend this book to any parents who have restless children so that when you put them to bed they will probably just go to bed.


3 thoughts on “Throw back Thursday #4 A Children’s garden of Verses

  1. I,too, grew up with these marvelous poems. Two of my favorites were “The Swing” and “My Shadow.” Thanks for sweet memories!


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