#18 The False Prince

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The False Prince was written by Jennifer Nielsen. She has written many other books, This series is continued with the runaway king. The book is set in medieval times. It is at a time of discord, because the heir and all royalty have been murdered. One man tries who calls himself a patriot tries to save his country this is the story of that mans plan.

The main characters are Conner, Sage, Imogene, Mott, Roden, and Tobias. Conner is the patriot I was referring to. He is a nobleman, with plans to take over his country with a cleverly fiendish plan. Sage is the most unmanageable orphan ever, but he also has a strong devotion to his friends and will do anything to help them. Mott is one of Conner’s servants, he is one of the higher ones, he would do anything for Conner except kill. Imogene is one of Conner’s kitchen staff, she pretends to be mute to keep herself safe from more mistreatment than she already has to deal with. Tobias is a smart orphan who knows how to read unlike almost all the orphans in the world. Roden knows how to use a sword, because he trained with a veteran who wanted to keep his abilities up to average.

Sage, Roden, Tobias, and one other boy are collected by Conner to fill out his devious plan. Conner has decided to pretend to have found the long lost second son of the king of Carthya. As the boys arrive at Conner’s house they start to train to become the prince of Carthya, because if they lose they will die. As their lessons progress Sage gets hurt in more ways than one. His trait to fight back starts to bend as he gets closer and closer to the deadline of when he will become king or he will die. Along the way Sage is sabotaged by Tobias who cuts his back with a knife. He is also whipped by Mott, because he stole his rock from his dad back from Conner. To see how this adventure of forgery and dangerous truths, buy the book.

I thought this book was good, but I found it confusing the first time I read it. I would recommend this book to any readers of medieval works. I hope those who read it like it as much as I did, I hope you recommend it to all of you friends.


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