# 20 The Gunslinger

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The Gunslinger is part of the Dark Tower series. It is written by Stephen King. It takes place in a dessert in another dimension, but through out the series it goes to our world and many more. As the story starts Roland- the Gunslinger -is chasing the man in black. As Roland hunts the Man in Black he meets a boy named Jake who is the key to catching the man in black, but at what cost.

The main characters are Roland and Jake. Roland is the last survivor from his home city, and he hunts the Man in Black because he caused the destruction of his home- New Canaan. Jake is a boy from New York, but he got brought to Roland’s world, because he got killed by the Man in Black.

As the story starts Roland is in a city that the Man in Black was in, while there he makes acquaintances with a lady named Alice. Then He meets a man who was dead but was then brought back to life, Roland must kill him, but in doing so the town thinks he is a witch of some kind, and try to kill him. He then promptly kills all of them. As his search continues he runs across a boy named Jake who joins him on his quest. as they reach the end of the desert they run into a spirit who takes Jake captive until Roland talks with her. They then leave the cite and go deep into the mountains, but by then Jake learns that the only way for Roland to finally catch the Man in Black is for him to die. As they reach the end of the mountain range Roland must make a choice save the boy or catch the man, he choose to catch the man. After he does the Man in Black reveals his destiny for him, which then leads to the next book- the drawing of three. To find out Roland’s destiny read the book.

This book was really good, but it is more of an introduction than something that has to do with the plot. The next books are better. I would recommend this book to thirteen and older.