#21 Wings of Fire

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This book is the first in a 10 book series, but I didn’t think it was very impressive. It was more like a lead up to the next books. It is written by Tui T. Sutherlands, and is obviously a fantasy novel for young adults.

The book begins in a cave, but like most books as the characters evolve so do their surroundings. The five dragons who we meet are the main characters and they are known as the prophecy dragonets.

The plot emphasizes teamwork and difference. As the story begins, we meet five dragonets (baby-juvenile dragons) Glory, Clay, tsunami, Sunny, and Starflight. Sunny is a nice and energetic sand-wing, but she isn’t like all of her tribe; she doesn’t have a barb on the end of her tail. Starflight is really a nice dragon but by being a night-wing he is always waiting for his “special abilities.” Clay is a nice easy going dragon, a lot like the rest of his mud-wing tribe he is always hungry. Glory is a rain-wing, and she is always being shunned because they are known for being lazy. Tsunami is ferocious and she doesn’t like to be left in a cave, she can’t wait to get out, and rejoin her sea-wing tribe.

As the story starts they are in a cave, being trained by the so-called talons of peace, who have kept them since birth. Tsunami desperately wants to escape, but when a mysterious night-wing comes and tells the talons of peace that they must kill glory, because the prophecy called for a sky-wing not a rain-wing they know that it’s time to escape. Clay and Tsunami make it outside, but an evil queen finds them, and tracks them back to where they were hidden, thus the prophecy dragonets become Queen Scarlet’s Prisoners. As the story progresses, they have to fight in an arena, where it’s kill or be killed. They also meet a dragon who can burn you to death just by touching you. To see how they escape, or if they escape at all you’ll have to read the book.

This book was not the best in the series I felt it was really lacking something, but I can’t put my finger on it, this book was okay, but the rest of the series was much better.


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