#21 The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the witch

This is the story of a distopian society where those who actually can help are shunned, and those who corrupt and destroy are glorified. It is written by Joseph Delaney, and it is the first in a series. It takes place in the eleventh century.

The main characters are, The Spook, Thomas J. Ward, and a girl named Alice. The Spook is a mysterious figure who takes on apprentices who, like him are seventh sons of seventh sons. Thomas is a young boy who is like the spook, his mom sends him to the spook to help him fight the evil in their county, and Alice is a Witch, while she is only about thirteen, she receives great power from her aunt “Bony Lizzie” (also a witch). Together they band together to fight Witches and other things that go bump in the night.

As the story starts Thomas is about to get apprenticed to the spook, and no one is very happy about it, except for his mother, who has a mysterious backstory. His first day at the spooks house, he heads out to get supplies and runs into a posse of teen boys, who were starved, and needed food. As he fled away from them a mysterious girl (Alice) steps in and saves him from being beat by saying “Lizzie’s back”. Then she gives Thomas some cakes, and tells him to give them to a witch in a grave. Little does he know that those cakes boosted the witches power, but he realizes it to late. She escapes from her jail, and tries to flee, but Thomas accidentally kills her. now, you would think that that’s a good thing, right, if she isn’t around, she can’t do anything, wrong. She can now posses anyone, and her goal isn’t to make nice to anyone it’s to kill Thomas. To see whether he survives or not you’ll have to read the book.

This book was OK, but it was more like a starter. All the other books were better, I felt like it was a lot like Steven King’s novel the gunslinger, which was more of a starter than a real story.