#26 Sherlock Holmes The Red Tower

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The Red Tower is a classic. It is the continuation of a multitude of Sherlock Novel which are set all over England. The story is set in 1894 at in the Crain manner a place set on the outskirts of civilization. Watson is invited there by an old friend, James Crain, who has recently taken up with a bunch of spiritualist. James invites Watson and a handful of other higher-ups to try to prove to them that the spiritualists ideals are true. While performing a séance, Madame Farr (the spiritualist leader) appears to summon the “Red Lady”. A woman who cursed the house of the Crain’s and certainly spells doom to a single Crain on the night of her appearance. As per the rumor Crain’s sister passes away in a locked room leaving everyone to guess who did it.

The main characters are Watson, a detective second to Sherlock Holmes. Crain, a man desperate to cling to the hope that his mom is still alive, at least in the spirit world. Finally there is Madame Farr who is a conniving monster whose only goal is to manipulate James into tearing his whole family apart.

At the beginning of the story everyone is happy and safe, but then James calls a seance lead by Madame Farr which uncovers some dark secrets from each of them, but worst of all it leads to the death of Esther, Crain’s sister. Her death causes the father such a shock that he dies. Then Watson calls in Sherlock and the start to solve the case. They learn that while Madame Farr did not kill Esther she has killed other people in attempts to get a fortune like James’. We learn that Esther was actually suffering from cancer, she ended up killing herself though and trying to frame it on Madame Farr. The Final and most terrible secret is that James was addicted to drugs after his mother died and he was still hooked to it, and it never allowed him to let go.

This book was not very great, but I had read it for summer reading, all in all it was pretty boring. My opinions a little onsided though so I would advise you read the book before agreeing with my opinion.


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