What is the first book you remember reading? The first book I remember reading is Poetry Speaks to Children.

Where do you like to read your books? In my bedroom with the reading light.

Do you read books more than once? Why? Yes I have read many books more than once. I believe I reread them because they showed me what I wanted my life to really be like.

Do you take notes on the books you read? No I do not. I feel like a good book doesn’t need notes.

What is the difference between reading for fun and reading for school? When I read for school I have to take notes. Also I don’t enjoy all of the books in school.

Do you read books on a kindle or an e-reader, or do you like to read them between two covers?  I prefer the feel of a book, because when I read it there are no distractions like the bright or dull glow of electricity.

What makes any book a “good book”? I don’t really have good answer to that. It could be because of the characters, or the plot. If it’s good then it’s good!