#21 Wings of Fire

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This book is the first in a 10 book series, but I didn’t think it was very impressive. It was more like a lead up to the next books. It is written by Tui T. Sutherlands, and is obviously a fantasy novel for young adults.

The book begins in a cave, but like most books as the characters evolve so do their surroundings. The five dragons who we meet are the main characters and they are known as the prophecy dragonets.

The plot emphasizes teamwork and difference. As the story begins, we meet five dragonets (baby-juvenile dragons) Glory, Clay, tsunami, Sunny, and Starflight. Sunny is a nice and energetic sand-wing, but she isn’t like all of her tribe; she doesn’t have a barb on the end of her tail. Starflight is really a nice dragon but by being a night-wing he is always waiting for his “special abilities.” Clay is a nice easy going dragon, a lot like the rest of his mud-wing tribe he is always hungry. Glory is a rain-wing, and she is always being shunned because they are known for being lazy. Tsunami is ferocious and she doesn’t like to be left in a cave, she can’t wait to get out, and rejoin her sea-wing tribe.

As the story starts they are in a cave, being trained by the so-called talons of peace, who have kept them since birth. Tsunami desperately wants to escape, but when a mysterious night-wing comes and tells the talons of peace that they must kill glory, because the prophecy called for a sky-wing not a rain-wing they know that it’s time to escape. Clay and Tsunami make it outside, but an evil queen finds them, and tracks them back to where they were hidden, thus the prophecy dragonets become Queen Scarlet’s Prisoners. As the story progresses, they have to fight in an arena, where it’s kill or be killed. They also meet a dragon who can burn you to death just by touching you. To see how they escape, or if they escape at all you’ll have to read the book.

This book was not the best in the series I felt it was really lacking something, but I can’t put my finger on it, this book was okay, but the rest of the series was much better.


# 20 The Gunslinger

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The Gunslinger is part of the Dark Tower series. It is written by Stephen King. It takes place in a dessert in another dimension, but through out the series it goes to our world and many more. As the story starts Roland- the Gunslinger -is chasing the man in black. As Roland hunts the Man in Black he meets a boy named Jake who is the key to catching the man in black, but at what cost.

The main characters are Roland and Jake. Roland is the last survivor from his home city, and he hunts the Man in Black because he caused the destruction of his home- New Canaan. Jake is a boy from New York, but he got brought to Roland’s world, because he got killed by the Man in Black.

As the story starts Roland is in a city that the Man in Black was in, while there he makes acquaintances with a lady named Alice. Then He meets a man who was dead but was then brought back to life, Roland must kill him, but in doing so the town thinks he is a witch of some kind, and try to kill him. He then promptly kills all of them. As his search continues he runs across a boy named Jake who joins him on his quest. as they reach the end of the desert they run into a spirit who takes Jake captive until Roland talks with her. They then leave the cite and go deep into the mountains, but by then Jake learns that the only way for Roland to finally catch the Man in Black is for him to die. As they reach the end of the mountain range Roland must make a choice save the boy or catch the man, he choose to catch the man. After he does the Man in Black reveals his destiny for him, which then leads to the next book- the drawing of three. To find out Roland’s destiny read the book.

This book was really good, but it is more of an introduction than something that has to do with the plot. The next books are better. I would recommend this book to thirteen and older.

#19 It

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It is a horror novel written by Stephen King. He has written many other books. His preferred genre is horror. This story is set in a fake place called Derry, Maine, in the 1950s and the 1980s. There are two timelines in the book. It is about a group of children who must go up against a monster – the “it” of the title – that kills kids in a cycle every 27 years. It is also about what happens when those children grow up to realize that they failed the kill the monster the first time.

The characters are Stuttering Bill, Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom, Eddie Kaspbrack, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozer, and, of course, It. It is a monster that is unlike anything anyone has ever seen, It is an all powerful being, but it can still be hurt and even killed. Stuttering Bill is the leader of the band who stop It in 1950, when his brother dies and Bill puts a wheel of events in motion which will end in the final confrontation. Mike Hanlon was the last person to join the gang that stop It. Ben Hanscom was the builder of the group, and he became a famous architect. Eddie Kaspbrack was the directions kid in their group. Richie was the practical one in the group. Beverly was the only girl in the group, and the only reason they all came back.

The adventure all  starts with the death of Georgie, Stuttering Bill’s younger brother. The gang is then brought together by the creator of the universe – the Turtle – and someone else. As they get closer to the confrontation, a school bully finally goes crazy and hunts them. He hunts them and even threatens to kill them. As he – Henry – gets crazier he collects some other people in his gang that are even crazier than he is. The important one is a boy – Peter – who killed his brother, and saw the world in a weird strange way where only he is a real human being. He dies when huge leaches suck his blood and It drags him down into his lair.

After the gang defeat It, they drift apart, but they are called back together by Mike who stayed in Derry and researched It for the next confrontation. When they all return, they all see It at lunch and then again when they go walking. To find out how this thriller ends, you must read this book.

It was the best book I have ever read. I would recommend it to anyone in High School. This book affected  me in a way that has changed the way I see reality. I insist this is a must read. I intend to read it again.

I am sorry for not writing in the last month. This book was very long and complicated so I could understand it better. I will now check in more regularly.

#18 The False Prince

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The False Prince was written by Jennifer Nielsen. She has written many other books, This series is continued with the runaway king. The book is set in medieval times. It is at a time of discord, because the heir and all royalty have been murdered. One man tries who calls himself a patriot tries to save his country this is the story of that mans plan.

The main characters are Conner, Sage, Imogene, Mott, Roden, and Tobias. Conner is the patriot I was referring to. He is a nobleman, with plans to take over his country with a cleverly fiendish plan. Sage is the most unmanageable orphan ever, but he also has a strong devotion to his friends and will do anything to help them. Mott is one of Conner’s servants, he is one of the higher ones, he would do anything for Conner except kill. Imogene is one of Conner’s kitchen staff, she pretends to be mute to keep herself safe from more mistreatment than she already has to deal with. Tobias is a smart orphan who knows how to read unlike almost all the orphans in the world. Roden knows how to use a sword, because he trained with a veteran who wanted to keep his abilities up to average.

Sage, Roden, Tobias, and one other boy are collected by Conner to fill out his devious plan. Conner has decided to pretend to have found the long lost second son of the king of Carthya. As the boys arrive at Conner’s house they start to train to become the prince of Carthya, because if they lose they will die. As their lessons progress Sage gets hurt in more ways than one. His trait to fight back starts to bend as he gets closer and closer to the deadline of when he will become king or he will die. Along the way Sage is sabotaged by Tobias who cuts his back with a knife. He is also whipped by Mott, because he stole his rock from his dad back from Conner. To see how this adventure of forgery and dangerous truths, buy the book.

I thought this book was good, but I found it confusing the first time I read it. I would recommend this book to any readers of medieval works. I hope those who read it like it as much as I did, I hope you recommend it to all of you friends.

Throw back Thursday #4 A Children’s garden of Verses

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This book was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, and was illustrated, by Barbara McClintock. Robert Louis Stevenson, has written many other books, Barbara McClintock has also illustrated many other books. This book is about the adventures of childhood, and I grew up with my parents reading it to me.

There is no substantial plot or major characters. there are three favorite poems which I liked the most. The first one is called “My Shadow”, it is about a boy who believes that his shadow is a person. He calls it odd, because of its height, he also calls him cowardly, because he is always just behind the boy. Another one is called, “The Moon”. It is about all the things that are shined on by the moon. My favorite one is “The Swing”. It is about all of the things someone can see in one swing, from the garden in front of you to the hills over the fence, and the rivers that go swiftly along.

My mom grew up reading these poems, and so this is like passing it along to us. I would recommend this book to any parents who have restless children so that when you put them to bed they will probably just go to bed.

#17 The Gates

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The Gates is written by John Connolly. He has also written many other books. His common genre is anything to do with death, from “the gates” of hell to someone dying of old age. This book takes place in an everyday town on the week before Halloween.

The main characters are Samuel Johnson, Nurd, and Ba’al- A.K.A Mrs Abernathy. Samuel is a really bright kid. He has some friends, a dachshund named boswell, and some crazy neighbors. Nurd is a demon who was sent into banishment, by the Great Malevolence( Satan, the Devil whichever you prefer). He is bored by everything in banishment, until he is somehow sucked into the human world. Ba’al is one of the Great Malevolence’s most powerful agents, she is one of the only demons to have actually met the Great Malevolence.

Samuel decides to go trick or treating on October 28, to get a head start on the rest of the world. He meets the Abernathys who are do an evil chant to summon evil demons from beyond, when they do one devours each of them, to help accomplish the Great Malevolence’s commands. As Sam realizes that things are about to go horribly wrong he calls on his friends to help stop the rampage on Earth, all the while he makes friends with Nurd who promises to find a way to put a stop to all of the chaos. The reason for all of this chaos is from a particle accelerator. The Great Malevolence decided to infuse some of it’s power into the accelerator’s particles, so when the particles collided one escaped and created a portal in the Abernathy’s basement. Then the demons took over their bodies to do the Great Malevolence’s bidding.

This book was very short. It was an easy read for me, but I really liked it. There were concepts that they talked about in the book that were complicated, and mostly about science, but if you ignore the foot notes it shouldn’t bother you much. I would recomend this book to anyone who beileves in the Devil in a simpler way than the whole torture and death thing.

#16 The Rose Society

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The Rose Society is written by Marie Lu and published in 2015. The series continues with The Midnight Star. Also, she wrote the Legend series. This book takes place in medieval times, a decade after a great plague swept through the country. People who are infected with the fever are scarred with ugly marks and they are also stronger and possess abilities that don’t belong in this world. During the plague, all the parents who got the fever died, so only the young survive, and they are all marked in this way – with these powers. They will be known as the Young Elites, which is also the title of the first book.

The main characters of this book are Raffaele, Violetta, and Adelina. Raffaele has decided to join forces with the queen of another country to try and take over his home country to stop Teren from destroying all people scared by the fever. When he sides with the queen he learns that she has the power to bring people back from the dead, he intends to use this to bring Enzo back and to add him to their forces. Violetta is the key component in finding a new group of Elites to overthrow the Young Elites. She has the ability to stop other Elites powers, so they can’t use them. Finally we have Adelina. She was once a girl, but has quickly grown into something more, because she has been betrayed by friends, allies, family, even enemies have turned on her. She is now all alone except for her sister, Violetta, who senses a growing darkness in Adelina. These three characters will form the backbone of the entire plot.

At the opening of the book Adelina is searching for more Elites, mainly Magiano, who is said to be the greatest thief in the world. She finds him and has to complete a task to earn his trust. She completes it, but she ends up killing someone – the Moon King, who was one of the most powerful men in the area. She then finds the Rainmaker, who was one of the Elites that the Young Elites took on to make one of their own, but they ended up turning their backs on him. Adelina then learns of Raffaele’s plan to bring Enzo back, she manages to capture Enzo and take down Teren. To learn how she does it, you will have to read this book.

This book was very sad. Adelina loses everyone she loves in the book, and gains new friends and allies. To get this far though she has had to delve deeper into the darkness which come from her illusions. I would recommend this book to any fans of the Hunger Games.